About our Jewelry

We hope that you enjoy looking through our jewelry designs.  Our jewelry covers a range of types and themes.  The jewelry shown on pages in this web site are designed around Western United States culture and history, as well as the culture and history of:  American Indians, Asians and Europeans.  Many of our designs are inspired by the natural world, including mountains, mountain peaks, forests and the creatures that live in them, and the sea.  Myths of ancient cultures around the world have also been a basis for our jewelry.     We offer these designs in Charms,  Rock Climbing Gear Miniatures, Medallions, Pendants, Earrings, Post Earrings, Chains, Necklaces, Leather and Satin Cords, Rings, Key-rings, Pins, Tie Tacs, Cufflinks, Crosses, Sterling Silver Chains, and Zipper Pulls.  

The Philosophy Of Horn's Jewelry - "Value for value - no pressure or gimmicks"

We put forth our jewelry to be judged on its own merit.  We do not subscribe to high pressure sales tactics as we believe in a voluntary trade of your hard earned dollar for our jewelry.  Our workmanship is of the best quality and when you deal with us we will treat you as any of us would like to be treated.

Decades in our wilderness setting have given us a deep appreciation for the untamed freedom of a wild land and a desire to convey that appreciation artistically.  See About Horns

All of our designs are hand carved with strict attention to detail and quality.  Every item is carefully checked for quality before shipment.  We use only the finest supplies and materials in our jewelry. Additional findings are supplied to us by reputable companies in the industry.Our jewelry making process starts with designing and hand-carving the wax original.

rubbermold1.jpg (53919 bytes)
This wax model is then encased in room temperature vulcanizing rubber.
Waxtree2.jpg (88753 bytes)
When the rubber is set, the mold is cut into two parts and the original wax model is removed.  A pressurized heated wax pot, called a wax injector, is used to inject wax into the rubber mold.  From the models made with this process, wax trees are created.
flask1.jpg (49897 bytes)
These wax trees are then encased in a plaster mold. After the plaster mold is steamed to remove the majority of the wax, it is baked in an oven at 1,300F degrees for up to 12 hours to remove the last remaining wax. 
molten_metal_pouring.jpg (46617 bytes)
This plaster mold is then placed on a vacuum table and gold or silver, melted in an electric furnace, is poured into the mold.
cutting_tree.jpg (47676 bytes)
When the metal has solidified, the mold is dropped into water and the plaster explodes, leaving the trees of gold or silver.  The pieces are then cut from the trees.
 finished_figure_8.jpg (61312 bytes)
The jewelry pieces are then partially hand finished before being completely finished in a series of mass finishing machines.

Horn's Jewelry accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards as well as Checks and Money orders (U.S.) using our Secure Shopping Cart.  All your personal information is confidential.